Project info

  • Client: Dawmridge Residence Full House Remodeling
  •  Time Frame: 4 Months 
  • Location: Houston, TX


On August 25th, 2017 the city of Houston and it’s surrounding areas suffered one of the most catastrophic floods in history. Unfortunately, our client’s residence was flooded with almost 3 ft of water, causing major damage to the entire property. One of the main objectives was to re-design the layout of their house to make it more contemporary with an open concept. Thus allowing them to have a better distribution in the main areas such as the living room, kitchen, dining room and master bathroom.

During the planning process, our Project Managers focused on having the blueprints ready, following our client’s desires for a more modern look and feel in the house. We proceeded to do a full demo to configure the house to the new distribution layout. Once the demo was completed, we started to level floors on different areas of the house to match the new floor plan. After completing the leveling process we continued to add sheet rock to define the new distribution. Paint proof was made on several rooms to decide the final color before painting the new walls. During the material selection meetings, we presented the backsplash tile options along with cabinets styles for the kitchen and bathrooms.

After several weeks of renovation, the project has been completed, giving a completely new look to the house. We have selected the best pictures to showcase the entire process of this project.