7 Most Popular Harwood Flooring Wood Species

If you’re thinking of putting in wood floors, you can’t go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have unmatched natural beauty and go with any decor — modern, traditional, country, you name it. Hardwood flooring goes in any room, in any space.


Here are seven of the most popular hardwood flooring wood species:

1.- Ash

Ash is a perfect hardwood flooring for upscale and styled homes. The wood is fairly light in color. The wood floor is hard enough to stand up to heavy traffic but soft enough that it’s comfortable to stand on barefoot.

The downside for Ash Hardwood is the maintenance it requires. Because of its light colors, it gets dirty easily. you will need to clean it more frequently than other hardwood floors.

2.- Walnut

Walnut is a very popular hardwood species available in multiple varieties. The most commonly used in North America is American walnut. It’s notable for its rich brown color that often contains a purple hue. The dark swirling grains look beautiful in any home.

Walnut does, however, have a high resistance to light damage. Its stellar photosensitivity makes it a good choice in rooms with year-round direct sunlight. Another benefit of walnut hardwood flooring is its lightweight. It can be used on upper stories without a problem.

The downside for Walnut Flooring is its cost, Walnut is one of the most expensive types of hardwood flooring.

3.- Oak

Oak is one of the most popular hardwood floorings, it provides a classic, and elegant old fashion look. For traditional homes Oak Hardwood flooring is a great option, it blends well ith a wide range of furniture and decor.

The two main varieties of Oak Flooring are red oak and white oak. The main difference is just the color. Despite being able to stand up to heavy impacts, oak is prone to scraping. Use furniture pads on all heavy furniture to prevent damage.

4- Pine

Pine hardwood floors are the most traditional type of hardwood regarding appearance. It has a rich color, especially when stained and features interesting pinholes and knots in addition to a distinct grain pattern. The main negative to pine hardwood flooring is its relative softness. It’s more likely to be dented and scratched than other woods. A big advantage for Pine Hardwood Flooring is its price, is one of the most affordable types of hardwood floors types.

5.- Maple

Maple hardwood floors are one of the most notable hardwood styles. The characteristic grain patterns that set it apart from other hardwoods.

One of the main highlights for Maple Hardwood Floors are its durability, It is simply one of the hardest hardwoods available, it doesn’t scratch easily.

6.- Cherry

One of the most popular species used for hardwood flooring is Cherry. It’s available in several varieties. The most popular is American cherry. American Cherry also is known as black cherry. Cherry hardwood flooring is also on the lower end regarding photosensitivity, meaning it will show sun damage if installed in direct sunlight for multiple years.

Cherry is an expensive type of hardwood flooring.

7.- Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is notable due to its extremely uniform look. Its color is a mixture of orange and brown. It features a long, straight grain. Unfortunately, Douglas Fir hardwood flooring is one of the softest types of hardwood flooring. It’s damaged easily if not properly maintained.



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