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Service Overview:

There are many options for homeowners to choose from when planning kitchen layout and design. In fact, within the scope of the kitchen remodel ideas, more opportunity exists within the walls of your kitchen than any other room in your home. Some of the features that can be upgraded or enhanced in the kitchen include:

  • Custom made cabinets – premium woods, brilliant colors, cabinets can make a real statement
  • Kitchen island – create a gathering spot for family and friends
  • Countertops – wood, natural stone, even stainless steel, there are options to meet every need.
  • Fixtures – modern to traditional fixtures are available in every imaginable style and finish
  • Flooring – wood, tile, and stone are all great in the kitchen
  • Appliances – whether you’re looking for professional level appliances, or something more modest, great technology is available like induction burner    cooktops and dual fuel stoves
  • Lighting – task, ambient, and mood lighting all play a big role in creating your dream kitchen.
  • Layout – whether updating your existing layout or completely starting from scratch, anything is possible when remodeling your kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen you need to take the elements of function and style into consideration. Your kitchen is not only a utilitarian space where you prepare meals, it’s also a focal point in your home. It should be both beautiful and practical. With their experience in design and construction, Division 9 Inc. can implement your ideas in a way that will not only maximize the efficiency and flow of the space but help you realize your creative vision with a spectacular design!

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