Project info

  • Client: Third Coast
  •  Time Frame: 8 Weeks 
  • Location: Houston, TX

When it comes to the fine dinning experience, comfort is a key aspect to creating and maintaining repeat customers. Third Coast Restaurant is the reconceptualization of it’s former life, Trevisio and with a new concept comes a new atmosphere.

A topographic survey was performed in the dining area to denote significant deviations in the floor. Afterward, the concrete floor is chipped away until an even and level floor is reached because nobody likes a wobbly table.

Throughout the restaurant, we installed rich, dark brown engineered wood flooring. Much precision was needed during this phase as many unconventionals cuts needed to be made. However, this ended up creating a beautiful visual of pieces that fit exactly where they should. A soft gray carpeting was chosen to match the furniture as well as compliment the dark overtones of the wood.

All that was left to do was to combine the ambiance and atmosphere we created, with the award-winning of Third’s Coast head Chef to make this restaurant a staple of Houston’s dining.