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18 Questions to ask before renovating your bathroom

Before you start shopping for new materials or meeting with professionals to discuss your renovation ideas, spend some time thinking about your current bathroom setup. Considering its strength and weaknesses will lead you to some decisions about what changes need to be made and what’s working as is.

Depending on how the bathroom is used, you may want to change the layout of the room in addition to updating fixtures and finishes. Answering the following questions will help you decide how extensive a remodel you may need to undertake.

Master Bathroom | Division 9 inc.

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1.- What’s your main reason for wanting to remodel your bathroom?

2.- How many people will be using the room on a regular? basis? Are any of those people of above-average or below-average height? Will the bathroom be used by an elderly or disabled person?

3.- Do you like compartmentalized layouts or a more open look? Will more than one person use the room at the same time?

4.- How’s the traffic flow? Is there adequate clearance between fixtures? Can existing doors and windows be relocated to improve traffic patterns, if necessary?

5.- What secondary activity areas would you like to include – dressing area, makeup table, or exercise or laundry facilities?

6.- Are you planning any structural changes, such as a greenhouse window or an addition to the room?

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7.- What kind of water supply pipes do you have? How’s your water pressure? Do any pipes leak? Have you had a high number of clogs or backups?

8.- Do you want to add any new fixtures? Is the toilet where you want it? Is the showerhead at a convenient height? Are fixtures and fitting easy to clean? Do they waste water or energy?

9.- Is your current bathroom safe? Are surfaces slippery? Is the tub easy to get into and out of? Are all electrical circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters?

10.- What type of heating system do you have? Is it adequate? Do you want to add a radiant heat system in the floor or extend a forced-air system into the bathroom?

11.- How’s the climate in your bathroom after a steamy shower? If ventilation is a problem, is there a way to supplement it with operable windows or skylights, or do you need to upgrade your electrical ventilation system?

12.- What’s the amp ratings of your electrical service? Do you ever blow a fuse when using electrical equipment, such as a hair drying, in the bathroom? Will any new fixtures require you to add electrical circuits?

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13.- Do you need to improve upon existing lighting plan? What are the natural light sources possible?

14.- Evaluate your bathroom’s surfaces. Are any of them damaged or dated?

15.- What are your bathroom’s surfaces, are any of them damaged or dated?

16.- What are your bathroom storage requirements? Do you prefer open storage and display, or closed cabinets and closets?

17.- How long do you have to complete the project?

18.- What budget figure do you have in mind?

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