5 Kitchen Must Haves in 2018

While undergoing renovations for your kitchen, it helps to ease the stress by having a checklist of essential aspects to help you focus your space. Having these pillars will help you to tie everything together when it comes to choosing color, style, and layout of your kitchen.

1.- Kitchen Island

Islands have become an increasingly popular centerpiece in modern kitchens. With an island, you can add flair to your layout, surface area for prepping and serving, extra seating, discrete drawers for trash and improved storage space. It can also help to create a social space to bring your family friends closer together.

2.- Built-In / Counter Depth Refrigerator

Due to recent innovations in design, it has never been easier to match your needs and personality to your kitchen. Whether you need to save on space or need a lot of storage to feed a large family. Two refrigerator styles, in particular, we’d like to highlight are “Counter Depth” and “French Door” style fridges.

Counter-Depth Fridges have become more popular among people who love symmetry and clean lines when it comes to overall aesthetic. These fridges are designed to fit within depths of 23-26″ which allows them to fall in line with counters and cabinets thus saving space and helping with the flow of energy.

For larger families, the “French Door” fridge can be an irreplaceable fixture in your home. Along with better storage space along the doors, these fridges are actually very energy efficient in the sense that opening one door does not let out all the cool air! Most French Door fridges have a freezer drawer on the bottom. Having a drawer for the freezer helps to keep food lasting longer due to the more efficient air tight seal they have.

3. Walk-In Pantry

To keep your counters from cluttering up and your cabinets from overflowing; a walk-in pantry can be an essential asset to you. With a pantry, you will be able to store away foods, spices, and packaging that you don’t immediately need. This leaves your main cabinets open for dishes, utensils, pots & pans, and snacks. However, if your home does not have the space to accommodate for a walk in Pantry, a Chef’s style Pantry is a great alternative. These types of pantries are made to fit inside and maximize cabinet space. Special shelves and roll out drawers are installed in tiers for easy access and organization.


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4. Coffee Bar

While most people don’t mind making their morning coffee on their countertops, it’s hard to ignore the small annoyances that go with it. From spills to getting sugar everywhere, to cluttering up your counter space with bottles and condiments. By isolating all of this to a specific place in your kitchen, you can create a coffee bar. Having a coffee bar can help keep your kitchen organized and diversified by having a unique to store sugar, coffee, creamers and other things. Having this in your home can make guest feel more welcomed due to the familiar smell of coffee in the air making it a perfect fixture for hosting brunch or other small get togethers.

5.- Great Lighting

There are two main factors to consider when planning for the lighting of your kitchen: natural and artificial lighting. During the construction phase, kitchens are ideally placed where the most natural light can come into the house. Of course, you can’t uproot your entire kitchen just to find more natural light, but what you CAN do is add a window.

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