5 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Safer

The bathroom, a place most associated with comfort and relaxation, may also be one of the most dangerous areas in your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 234,000 people end up in emergency rooms every year due to injuries sustained in the bathroom. More than a third of those injuries occur while showering or bathing, and 14 percent happen while using the toilet. The risk is even higher for young children and the elderly.

To avoid hazardous situations, it might be time to consider professional bathroom remodeling. Here are some ideas to make your bathroom safer:

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Put in Non-Slip Flooring

Water overflow, moisture in the air and soap residue all contribute to the slipperiness of your floor. This can lead to falling accidents, which can be fatal given the location. Instead of opting for glossy tiles, invest in slip-resistant flooring. Look for materials that add plenty of traction to the bathroom floor like ceramic tiles, non-slip vinyl, cork, bamboo, and rubber. Better yet, have your remodeler choose from tile options featuring anti-slip finishes that are approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Add More Light Sources

Bathroom accidents tend to happen a lot at night. Making sure the area is properly lit should be a top priority. You can let natural light in by installing windows and pairing them with light fabric curtains. This also helps make the bathroom feel larger and breezier. Install light fixtures above spaces that get the most use like the shower, vanity, tub, and toilet. You may also use a nightlight inside or at least an illuminated switch to help your family navigate the bathroom easier in the dark.

Install Low-Threshold Shower

If you’re living with an older family member or someone who has limited mobility, it might be worth investing in low-threshold showers. These showers don’t have those high tripping risk barrier walls you have to step over. You can get in and out simply by walking into the shower area. Alternatively, those who like to soak in the bath after a long day can look for walk-in bathtubs instead. These tubs also come with minimal clearance from the floor for improved accessibility.

Look for a Handheld Shower Head

Unnecessary movements in the shower make you more prone to slip and fall accidents. Having an adjustable shower head helps reduce the danger, but you might want to get a handheld showerhead as well. A handheld unit, especially one with a long cord, can be maneuvered to where you want it. Depending on the shower’s position in the room, the handheld can also be used for washing while sitting safely on a bath seat or bench.Taking steps to make the bathroom safer is beneficial for users of all ages. A professional remodeling company can give you other recommendations based on your needs and preferences.

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