23 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor

The process of hiring a contractor is not a simple matter of hiring the first contractor that you find right there on the spot. Even if this contractor comes highly recommended, you have to make sure that you’re hiring the right one for your needs. You need to ask the right questions for you to be able to determine which contractor to hire. Here’s a list of 23 questions to ask contractors before hiring.

About the Company/Contractor:

1.- Are you a licensed contractor?

2.- Are you insured?

3.-Do you hire subcontractors?

4.-Do you have in-house designers?

About contractor experience:

5.- How experienced are you with a project like this? (Explain your project)

6.- Where can I see pictures of your previous work?

7.-Why should I choose your company?

8.-How do you ensure the safety and protection of the areas that surround the job site?

9.-When is the best time to do a remodeling project?

About the scope of work, timeframe:

10.- Will you take care of all the necessary inspections and permits?

11.- Do you warranty your work? How does your warranty work?

12.- Do I need to have a design made? Do you offer design services?

13.-How long will it take to complete the job?

14.-What days and hours are you planning to work?

15.-How long is the validity of your bid?

16- In case I decide to work on a part of the project, will that be an issue?

17.-Will my family need to move of our home during the project?

About budget, contracts, and payments:

18.-How do you present the estimates?

19.-Can you provide terms of payments?

20.-At what point I’m expected to pay? When is my first payment due?

21.-How do you structure the contracts? If we decide to work with you, will you provide a contract?

22.- Will you offer a guarantee on your work, and, if so, what is the guarantee?

About communication between client and contractor:

23.- How can I communicate with you and your team if I have concerns while the job is ongoing?

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