The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Styles

One of the top three factors you will come across when renewing your Kitchen is The Style. Having a clear idea of your style will facilitate the layout, colors, fixtures, and materials your designing team will be considering during the design process.

We have prepared a list of the top 5 Kitchen Styles and their main characteristics for you to consider during your future kitchen renovation.

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1.- Traditional

Traditional kitchens are marked by their classic design elements and architectural features originating from 19th and early 20th century American and European design. Traditional kitchens favor detail and ornamentation to create an elegant and luxurious space.

Characteristics of  Traditional Kitchens: Natural materials, Raised Cabinets, Classic stain and colors, Crown molding, Natural Flooring, Custom range hoods, Decorative lighting.


2.- Farmhouse

One of the hottest looks in today’s interiors is the farmhouse-style kitchen. The simple, classic design is welcoming and warm, and the style reflects an appreciation of the land. Using functional items as fashionable décor, farmhouse kitchens are comfortable and chic. The look celebrates recycling, upcycling and family in laid-back style.

Characteristics of  Farmhouse Kitchens: Big table, open shelving, Freestanding cabinets, cozy rug, Bar Stools, Baskets, Hanging lights.

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3.- Contemporary

A contemporary kitchen is not the same as a modern kitchen, even though some people use these terms interchangeably. A contemporary kitchen can be modern but it can also adopt other styles as well. For example, it can have vintage details and accents without being a vintage kitchen. There are a few elements that are specific to this style and that can help us distinguish a contemporary kitchen from other types and that need to be taken into consideration when adopting this style.

Characteristics of  Contemporary Kitchens: Cutting edge technology, Variety of materials, eye-catching light fixtures, patterned backsplashes, Old materials used in new creative ways.

4.- Mediterranean

Warm, inviting and cozy, the kitchen generates the heartbeat of a Mediterranean home. There’s nothing shy about Mediterranean décor; it’s full of saturated colors, strong lines, and ornate details, calling to mind sunshine, vivid landscapes, and coastal breezes. And in most cases, you either love it or you don’t. But if you’re on the fence about whether to go in this direction — or if you’re already smitten with the look — incorporate these eight essentials to pull off this distinctive approach.

Characteristics of  Mediterranean Kitchens: Rich warm colors, swooping curves, hand-painted tilework, wrought iron detailing, textured walls, Saltillo floor tile, ceiling beams,


5.- Industrial

One of the great things about industrial style is that it embraces the old and the salvaged, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve the look. In fact, you can keep things as unrefined and stripped back as you like. The industrial kitchen is a hardworking one, embracing exposed elements, rustic finishes, and tough surfaces. Rest assured space will be full of warmth, character, and individuality. Here are some fabulous examples…

Characteristics of  Industrial Kitchens: Concrete floors, Freestanding units, exposed pipes, vintage, pressed metal, use of black, open shelving.




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